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This week our maths learning will be around positional language.

Monday: Today, is the first day of the month of February! We are going to start a class calendar and think about the months in a year. We will be looking at the days of the week and our birthdays! We will continue to add to our calendar daily.

Tuesday: Concept Carrot has come to tell us a story! His story is all about the word, 'in front'. Can you have a go at the challenge?

Wednesday: Concept Carrot has taught us a new word today 'behind'. Can you use a teddy or toy at home to follow the positional instructions? Can you have a go at Buddy's tray game and get your adult to hide an object behind their back? Can you guess what they took away?

Thursday: Concept Carrot has come to tell us a story about the word 'under' can you complete the positional worksheet?

Friday: Can you use the words we have learnt this week to create your own positional language story? Make your own positional language signs to use in your story around your house?