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These are the resources to support your maths work for week 13. 

Monday - Can you put the ladybirds in order of the days of the week? If you do not have a printer at home, why not show us your excellent letter formation and write them into the correct order. Use the link to help you remember the 'days of the week'

Extension: To look at the months of the year. Can you remember what month of the year we are in? Use the link to help you explore the months of the year

Tuesday - Can you say the sentence about the 'who?' and 'where?" and "what?'?  

Extension: Could you write your sentences down?

Wednesday - Can you use the picture to talk about the position of the people and animals in the scene? Who else can you see in the picture? Where are they?

Thursday -  Longer, Shorter or about the same?

Friday - Can you compare the ladybirds on the leaves? Which has fewer ladybirds? How many are there on each leaf?