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Reading activities



It is important to continue our reading at home, don't forget you can read your own books at home too. Remember to ask an adult to write a comment in your reading diary and sign it to say that you have read.

Please find below some daily reading activities to complete, remember to read the text carefully and answer the questions which follow. If you are unsure of what a word means, you can look it up in a dictionary or ask your adult for help.

Each reading text has a star mark on the bottom of each page:

1 star refers to challenge 1 in school

2 star refers to challenge 2 in school

3 stars refer to challenge 3 in school (most difficult)

30.11.20- Today's reading activity is all about Advent, as we are now in the season of Advent. 


Challenge 1: How to build a Snowman

Challenge 2: Volcanoes around the world


Challenge 1: The Diary of a Christmas Elf

Challenge 2: Marvellous Mince Pies