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Publishing our instructions

The pupil who wrote this superb set of instructions was awarded with two merits as it contains all the features of instruction writing that we have been focussing on this week:

  • A title
  • A short introduction
  • An equipment list
  • A numbered method
  • Time conjunctions
  • A short conclusion

It also includes a variety of powerful adjectives and adverbs. 


Identifying key features of instructions

Today we spent some time looking at instructions to identify key features. Can you spot the bossy verbs, suh-headings, numbered steps and title?

Some children spent some time ordering a set of instructions, can you use our instructions to make your jam sandwich?


Using the inverse for multiplication and division:

Lots of fun had by using spinners to choose numbers to multiply together to create multiplication and division sentences. Look at how we used the inverse.


PSHE: What technology do you use at home?

Look at our posters which shows the different types of technology we use and what we use them for.


Take a look at our wonderful learning on the Legend of The Trojan Horse.

A super blurb about The Trojan Horse.

Have you ever read heard of the Legend of the Trojan horse, take a read of this if not:



Ending our topic of Journeys by creating our own prayer and verses of thanks to God.

15.1.21 Greek Mythical Creatures

Fantastic paintings from some of our boys and girls in Year 3. 



Topic- Layers of the Earth

Wow, look at this creative way of showing the different layers of the Earth's core!

4.12.20: Topic

Do you know how to keep safe in a Tsunami?

The children in Year 3 have been busy finding out about Tsunamis and how to stay safe during one. Have a look at their fantastic posters which tell the reader what to do exactly when a Tsunami strikes.  Great advice Year 3.





Here is some fantastic writing to get us started on our topic of diary entries. Our task was to write two short diary entries about the lead up to the main eruption of Mount Vesuvius, as the feeling began to change from calm to slight concern in the city.




We have had some super learning in Maths today. The children enjoyed investigating lines of symmetry in 2d shapes today. Just look at the wonderful work below. The children enjoyed folding the shapes to work if it had vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines of symmetry. Some children identified a pattern, they noticed that the regular 2d shapes lines of symmetry match with the number of sides it has.



Fantastic work on ordering events in chronological order for our diary entries. One of our Year 3 boys wrote super piece of writing using time connectives to summarise the 8 events which took place in Pompeii. We can't wait to read his own diary entry later in the week.


Today the children in Year 3 have been busy making their Advent promises. We've had a lovely discussion about how we can help others, show love, be patient and give to charities. Here are a few of our children's wonderful Advent promises.


Today we have been looking at 2d shapes. We were able to identify a range of 2d shapes and could recall the different properties that they have. We have been using key vocabulary such as sides and vertices. Here are two super examples from our Year 3 girls.



Firstly, a huge well done to the children who well and truly beat Mrs Wright in the teacher vs. pupils Times Tables Rock Stars competition this morning. Mrs Wright tried her best but she was no match against all of the children who logged in to play. Well done everyone!

Secondly, just look at this amazing writing. We are finishing off our Historial Narratives today based on our class book Escape from Pompeii. We are so impressed with vocabulary used by our pupils and with the features they have included within their writing.

26.11.20- English

Today the children enjoyed becoming authors, writing their own Stories with Historical settings based on our class book Escape from Pompeii. The children used their checklist to ensure they included description, sentence openers and exciting vocabulary. We can't wait to find out what happens next.

Super work using colourful semantics to write sentences for a story map. We are so impressed with how this child has even colour coded her sentences.


Well after day 2 of the expanded column method for multiplication, our Year 3 children have shown a good understanding of this method after two short lessons. 



Here are some super examples of the expanded column method for multiplication, look at the wonderful presentation in Year 3. The children have been eager to try the different Maths challenges.





Year 3 have been busy creating their story maps for their story of Escape from Pompeii, look at these fantastic story maps. Keep checking our class page to see their stories being published.



Here are some examples of the beautiful posters produced by some of our Year 3's during RE today.



Take a look at this fantastic Maths learning (dividing by 10) and a wonderful Road Safety Poster made by one of our fabulous pupils.