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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School

Lent Liturgy Mats 2021

As we approach Holy Week 2021, we will be bringing you Liturgy Mats to help you share these at home.

This week we remember and recall the different events as we journey through those significant moments in Jesus' life. 

Palm Sunday

We will recall Palm Sunday as he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey where he was greeted with crowds of people waving palm leaves and shouting "Praise to God."


Later in the week we will recall Jesus' last supper with his disciples on Holy Thursday.

Holy Thursday

On Holy Thursday we remember the special meal Jesus had with his disciples. This meal is known as The Last Supper, the last meal Jesus shared with his disciples before his crucifixion.



Good Friday

On Good Friday we remember the pain and suffering Jesus went through. Jesus was crucified on the cross in Calvary, he died for our sins. When Jesus was crucified on the Cross he gave his life for us because he loved us so much. This was Jesus’ total giving of himself.


Easter Sunday

Jesus had risen from the dead, as he told his disciples that he would. He appeared many times and promised to send his Holy Spirit to help them spread the Good News of his love.

We celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday and every Sunday. ‘Alleluia’ is sung because everyone is so happy.


Live Stream of Mass

Please find information below regarding accessing the livestream of Masses during Holy Week.

This can be accessed using the following link: