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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School

Home Learning

Home Learning 


This term phonics work will focus on letter formation and we will be continuing to practise 'Fred talking' to read 'green words'.

Please practise 'Fred talking' words when you are at home or when you are out shopping.

For example: "It is time for b..e..d" "Can you turn off the t...a...p?"

"Which h...a...t  would you like to wear today?"

A useful phonics link:                                   



Concept carrot is a clever, clever carrot. He looks here; he looks there; learning as he goes. And when he comes home, he tells us a story.

Concept Carrot helps EYFS to learn new words that are introduced in our learning, each child has been provided with a Concept Carrot board.  Your child will be given a word(s) to focus on during their home learning. Can you use this word in your house to create stories, could you use it when you are out shopping?



Books will be changed Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Our aim is to develop children's passion for reading and therefore we encourage them to take books home to share with you.

We have found that ten minutes a day one-to-one reading with an adult at home can make a positive difference to the children, and therefore we have included this as daily homework. Every child has a reading log, and we kindly ask that you sign this on the evening your child has read and return it to school the following day, alongside their reading book.

It is important that children have time to discuss the book they are reading, and with this you will have a better understanding about vocabulary your child understand and how much they are understanding what they are reading or listening to.  

We encourage parents to read alongside your child, draw about the book, ask questions and even role play part of the story, all of which will help with developing a passion for reading. 

If you have any questions or queries or you would like some advice, please speak to Miss Latty, Mrs Goodfellow or Mrs Bartram.