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Design a healthy and nutritious meal - Draw an image of your meal, listing the ingredients and explain the choices you have made. Remember to look back on your healthy eating facts and use these to support your design.


Write a set of instructions for how to make your meal. This week I would like you to focus on the language needed in recipes and what effect this has on your reader. Remember to include imperative (bossy) verbs, modal verbs (should, must, could etc.) and time connectives.


Make your healthy meal. If you don’t have the ingredients - you could always design your own persuasive poster advertising your meal. Remember to include rhetorical questions, a catchy slogan and name e.g. Do you need a kick to start your day? Are you suffering from tiredness?


Create a glossary for this vocabulary: fertiliser, germination, harvest, nurture, organic, propagator, sapling, stamen, style and stigma.


Complete the Reading Comprehension attached below