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This week we are going to write an informative leaflet all about how compost is made. Please complete the tasks below... As always, if you have any successes or concerns then please feel free to email me -


Think about where you see leaflets and what is their purpose?

Create a mind map to jot down your paraphrased research of how compost is made. Are there simple steps? What are the dos and don’t’s?



From your research – I would like you to create a poster explaining what materials are good for compost and what are bad. You may wish to create a table on your poster for this, or use images and symbols. It is up to you, just remember that the poster needs to capture the reader’s interests and look visually appealing and clear.



Today you are going to make your leaflet. This could be online using publisher or other programmes, or it could be on paper. Either way, remember you want to catch the eye of the reader- so it needs to look impressive! Please take your time to carefully consider your writing and include the features you know that leaflets have. Some leaflet and poster pointers can be found in resources.


Today you are going to edit and check your writing…

Read it aloud – does it make sense?

Are your spellings correct? Use a dictionary

Is your vocabulary repetitive? Use a thesaurus

Have you included a catchy title?

Have you stuck to the language features of an explanation text?

What person is your writing in?

Is your tense correct?


Once you have done this – I would like you to make a key and identify the features you have used in your own writing… Here are a few of the features to start you off…




Facts / Fact box

3rd person

Colour and eye catching typography (font style/letter sizing)


Today I would like you to complete the reading comprehension attached. Please remember to answer in full sentences and PEE all over your work!

P oint

E vidence

E xplain

Choose a challenge level based on the number of stars at the botoom of the page – * being challenge 1, ** being challenge 2 and *** being challenge 3,