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This week we are going to write our newspapers based on our planning last week. We will then edit and publish our writing. We are also going to design our own smoothie and write instructions for this. Please complete the tasks below...

As always, if you have any successes or concerns then please feel free to email me -


  • To write up a draft of the newspaper article you planned last week. Remember to include all the features of Newspapers that you have learnt about this year. There are lots of newspapers available for you to look at online, or even the one you identified features in last week. By looking at these- this will remind you of the tone and style of Newspaper writing. Don't forget to include all of the features we have discussed in lessons - headline, byline, image, caption, introduction - 5ws, columns, reported speech, reorientation (moving from past to present) etc.


  • Edit your newspaper and publish- either using Publisher or on paper (don’t forget to use a newspaper layout: columns, image, caption etc.) Things to check: Is your spelling correct? You could use a dictionary online to check. Does your writing make sense? You could read it aloud to yourself or to an adult/sibling. Have you included all the features? Use the features checklist in resources below. Is your punctuation correct? Have you included capital letter for names and places? Have you included correctly punctuated speech? Have you used commas around relative clauses and after fronted adverbials?


  • Design a healthy smoothie- draw an image of the smoothie, listing the ingredients and explain the choices you have made. Remember to look back on your healthy eating facts and use these to support your design.


  • Write a set of instructions for your smoothie.  Many of you sent me examples of your healthy recipe you completed last week - these looked delicious! This week I would like you to focus on the language needed in recipes and what effect this has on your reader. Remember to include imperative (bossy) verbs, modal verbs (should, must, could etc.) and time connectives.


  • Make your smoothie. If you don’t have the ingredients- you could design your own persuasive poster for your smoothie- including rhetorical questions, a catchy slogan and name e.g. Do you need a kick to start your day? Are you suffering from sloth syndrome?Scrumptious Strawberry Smoothie- the boost to get you moving!