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This week we are going to be following on our theme of healthy eating. We are going to plan and write a balanced argument letter. Following this, we are going to plan a newspaper article about a proposed ban on unhealthy foods!


To plan a balanced letter (from National Institute Of Healthy Eating to the local community)

Plan your letter- think about your opening, paragraphs for the ban and against the ban - it must be balanced remember!) You could look back at your work from last week to help you with this. Remember - this is only a plan so it could be headings and bullet points.


To include a balanced argument within a letter.

Today you are going to write up your letter in full, using the plan you made yesterday. Remember to keep it balanced and support your statements with facts and figures.


To identify features of a newspaper.

Use the newspaper example below or even one you have at home. Can you identify the different features of newspapers? Create a key and make notes about the effects the features have on the reader. You could make a mind map of the features with notes about the impact on readers.


To plan a newspaper – Headline, intro, reasons for the proposed ban.

Imagine a ban on unhealthy food has been introduced. It is your job to write a newspaper article to explain what is being suggested, so local people understand what is going on. You are only planning (bullet points) the headline (short and snappy - maybe alliteration), intro (5W's) and reasons for the ban.


To plan a newspaper – How the locals feel, how the ban is going to affect the local community/conclusion.

Remember - this is just a plan and needs to follow on from yesterdays plan. Don't forget all of the features you have analysed earlier this week!


For further support or guidance - don't hesitate to contact me.

I'd love to see some of your learning! I often tweet some of your examples and yours could be next.



As part of your reading- It is very important that you login to your Accelerated Reader accounts and complete quizzes after reading your books. There are lots of free ebooks available online that you may have access to. I look forward to checking your results!