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This week we are going to be thinking about producing arguing FOR and AGAINST healthy eating. We will analyse the features of balanced arguments before implementing them in our own persuasive writing.

Monday - To identify the difference between facts and opinion – research what the difference between a fact and opinion is. Write an explanation for this- don’t forget to give examples of each!

Tuesday - To research facts related to healthy eating- Use the internet or any texts you have available to you to paraphrase facts about healthy eating. Remember to include figures and statistics.

Wednesday - Create a for and against table for healthy eating. This can include facts and opinions.

Thursday - To include persuasive language in an against argument – Imagine you are a pizza delivery driver. Write a persuasive argument explaining why you think fast food should NOT be banned.

Friday - To include persuasive language in a for argument – Imagine you are a grocery store owner. Write a persuasive argument explaining why you think fast food should be banned.


For further support or guidance - don't hesitate to contact me.

I'd love to see some of your learning! I often tweet some of your examples and yours could be next.


As part of your reading- It is very important that you login to your Accelerated Reader accounts and complete quizzes after reading your books. There are lots of free ebooks available online that you may have access to. I look forward to checking your results!