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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School


On this page you will find any English resources that you might need to support your learning this week. Please note that there may not be resources attached for every day and that this will depend on the task you have been given and whether you need anything extra in order to be able to complete this. 

A recap of your tasks this week:

  • Monday - Familiarise yourself with the features of persuasive writing. Then, read Mrs Williams e-mail (found in the ‘English’ resources section) and identify the features within it.
  • Tuesday - Write a persuasive paragraph to convince other children that our school is simply the best school ever!  
  • Wednesday - Use features of persuasion to design a poster persuading someone to visit Boston. Where do you think people would most like to visit in Boston? 
  • Thursday - Think back to Mrs Williams’ email. Can you write a reply email in your book to persuade Mrs Williams to visit Boston?

A persuasive text should persuade somebody to do something, go somewhere or buy something. Try using eye catching fonts and colours where possible. Use exciting vocabulary (e.g. 'amazing' instead of 'good') and questions such as 'Did you know..?' Also you should use fronted adverbials such as 'Obviously,' or 'Without a doubt'...