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Back to work after the weekend... some of us have been learning to recognise our letters using plasticine.




We are learning to follow instructions in English. We have followed instructions to make fizzy lifting drinks.


There will be lots more instructions to follow and write over the next week or two.

We have been planting bulbs this week. 

First we had to read the instructions so that we knew what to do.
This is all the things that we needed.
After that we planted the bulbs.
Finally we watered them in to help them grow.

We have put the pots outside our classroom where it is nice and sunny. Some of them have violas in too. Have you seen them?

We followed instructions to set the farm up carefully.
"Put 2 pigs in the field."

Now we are exploring characters. James dressed up as Alfie and the other children asked him questions. He had to answer as if he was Alfie.

He was asked about his favourite toy, his favourite colour and his favourite food.

Have you read any of the Alfie and Annie-Rose stories by Shirley Hughes?