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This week you will be writing a diary entry about different mysteries you have solved.

Monday - Today you will be using the example diary and list of features to find the different features in a dairy entry. Remember to use a different colour for each feature and underline them using a ruler.

Tuesday - Look at the example below of a mystery I have solved. Now think of 3 different mysteries you have solved and write about them and what you did to solve the mystery.

Wednesday - Today you are going to plan your diary entry. You will need a story board for the beginning of your diary explaining how you feel and 3 story boards 1 for each mystery.

Thursday and Friday - Write your diary entry. Remember to include dear diary at the beginning, thoughts and feelings and adjectives and noun phrases to describe. Use your plan to help you. After you have finished writing your diary entry go back and check your spellings and add in anything you may have forgotten. You can usethe features list from monday to help you.