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Here are the resources for Year 1's English lessons this week. The Powerpoint for all the sessions from Monday 18.1.21 to Monday 25.1.21 is attached (this does not include the SPAG/Spelling, punctuation and grammar lesson on Friday, which will be added later). 

On Monday, you have the chance to complete your tiger care booklets. There is a blank booklet to download below. Look on the Powerpoint to see the booklet created by Mr. Cooper as an example. Don't forget to add a heading, colourful pictures and photos, facts, a fact box and useful links. 

On Tuesday, you have the opportunity to build on your learning over the previous week, and plan a booklet about any animal or bird of your choice. Today, complete some research about your chosen creature. Use the books you have at home and the Internet. There are some animal factsheets to download below, as well as some useful links to helpful wildlife websites. 

Then on Wednesday, download another blank booklet, and use your research from the day before to write an information booklet with a heading, colourful pictures and photos, facts and useful links. 

On Thursday, read the story 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell. Use this link to find a version on YouTube:

After reading the story, download the pictures and storyboard below. Stick the pictures in the right order on the storyboard and add a time word to each picture. You could use 'first' for the first picture, then 'next', etc,.  

Some resources for Friday will be added later in the week.