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This week's English topic is 'All about me'

We are going to reflect on our year in reception and talk about ourselves.

Have a look on Tapestry at all the things you have done this year. Look at your first picture, do you look different?

Talk about the tasks with your adults. Try and write the answers yourself, but they can help you with trickier words. Remember to use your sound mat and tricky words.

We are so proud of how well you have all settled into our St Mary's family at school and all the hard work you put in. Well done, everyone!


Monday - Reflect of the things you can do. What can't you do, yet? 

Tuesday - All about you. Answer the questions and have a go at writing them. Remember to post a picture to Tapestry and we could let Mr Cooper know a bit more about you!

Wednesday - All about this year. Who were the friends you liked playing with the most? What did you love the most about this year? What was your favourite thing to play with in Reception?

Thursday -  Food, glorious food! What is your favourite meal? Can you draw a picture and write about your favourite meal? Why do you like it? Example: I like jelly. It is wobbly.

Friday - Think of a question to ask Mr Cooper. It might be what his favourite song is?

It might be what his favourite food is? Or if he has any pets. Post them to Tapestry and Mr Cooper might be able to answer them in September for you!