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This week in English we are looking at building sentences.

Focus on your:

  • letter formation
  • Fred talking
  • Tricky words
  • Say it, then write it.

Monday - Colourful Semantics sentence writing, use your developing skills to write the sentences. Choose from the supported file or challenge yourself to say your sentences all by yourself.

Tuesday - Rhyming match and reading comprehension. 

Wednesday - Wednesday word search and phonics activities

Thursday - Go on a sentence walk - write simple sentences about your walk. Where are you going? What do you see? What do you hear? Use your tricky words and word mat to help you.

Friday - Can you play i-spy? Can you try and write down the objects that you can see, using your Fred talking? Could you play i-spy at home and try and write down what you see?


Don't forget your Tix task! She has found some more items to discover what they are. Work on your sentence building, about what you can see and what you use the things for.