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Complete the simple sentences using your Fred talking skills.


Create your own wig design that Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh could sell, rather than being naughty and try and steal the mermaid's hair. Write some simple sentences to say what your wig looks like. Is it long or short? What colour is it? What would you add to the wig to make it more amazing and make people want to buy it?


What was the ladybird's plan? Can you write some simple sentences about it?

Do you think it will work?


If the ladybird had asked you for help in the story, how would you have tried to stop the robbers from stealing the mermaid’s hair? Can you make your own plan? Would you have set a trap?


At the end of the story, the robbers realised that their plan hadn't worked. 

Can you write some simple sentences? Where do you think they went next? Do you think they ever tried to steal again?

Could you write a WANTED poster for the men to try and catch them? What do they look like? What are their names?


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