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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School


Last week we used our story map and Makaton and actions to really learn the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. This week we are going to use our story map and fantastic imaginations to create our own stories, using our story map as a template.

Monday: Goldilocks would like some help to write an apology letter to say sorry to the Three Bears for going into their house without permission.

Tuesday: We are going to look at the beginning of our story map and change the characters from Three Bears to animal characters of our choice. We are also going to think about what they would like to eat for breakfast.

Wednesday: We are going to change what Goldilocks eats in the Three Bears cottage. What will be wrong with the 1st plate, what will wrong with the 2nd plate... the 3rd plate will be "just right!"

Thursday: Today, we will change what Goldilocks will sit on, can you think about what will be wrong with each of them and remember the 3rd item will be"just right!"

Friday: Today, we will change what Goldilocks decides to sleep in, what will it be? What will be wrong with each of the beds?

Now it is time for you to act out the rest of your story! Can you remember all of the actions you made up for your new story?


We are so excited to see your imagination and fantastic 'Fred Talking' at work!