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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School


Here are the resources for Year 1's English lessons this week. The Powerpoint for all the sessions from Monday 11.1.21 to Monday 18.1.21 is attached (this does not include the SPAG/Spelling, punctuation and grammar lesson on Friday, which will be added later). 

On Monday, you have been asked to re-tell the story of 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea'. You could make puppets to do this and a support sheet is attached.  

You can listen to the story on Youtube:

Or you can watch an animated version of the story via the Channel 4 website. Here is the link: 

On Tuesday, your task is to use speech and thought bubbles to write about a tiger calling at your home. There is a support sheet below. 

On Wednesday, your task is to make some notes about tiger care using bullet points. The Powerpoint contains some useful information and on the support sheet there are suggested links to explore.  

On Thursday, you have been asked to plan your tiger care booklet. There are some booklets to download but you can use a different format if you prefer. 

On Friday, you have been asked to write some sentences by saying them aloud first. The sheet that you need is available for you to download below.

On Monday, 18.1.21, you will have the opportunity to complete your booklet.