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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School


This week you will be creating your own non-chronological report on road safety. Remember that non chronological reports are fact texts with sub headings.


Monday - Today you are going to find features in a non-chronological report. You can download the resources below.

Tuesday/Wednesday - Today you are going to do research and find facts on road safety I have included some texts below that you could use for your facts. There are different amounts of challenge for each text so you can choose which star level you will look at to find your information.


Thursday - Today you are going to plan your non-chronological report. You will need one story board for your introduction where you will explain to the reader what your report is about, 3 more storyboards, one for each of the different areas of road safety you have found out about. As a challenge you could do one more story board for your glossary. In this you will describe any of the key words that are tricky. You could use a dictionary to find the meaning of the word.

Friday - Today you are going to write your non chronological report. Remember to include a question for your reader and atleast 3 facts for each section.