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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School


This week we are going to write our own poetry, inspired by nature. Please complete the tasks below... As always, if you have any successes or concerns then please feel free to email me -


Identify features of sonnets. Create a key and underline the features in the example poem attached.

Create a mind-map or poster to explain the features ad how they affect the reader/listener.



Today you are going to create a vocabulary mat – 5 senses to describe a scene of nature. There are lots of images on google that may inspire you, or you could look out of your window or go on a walk.


Please find vocabulary mat attached.



Draft your poem – be sure to include all of the features you identified earlier this week.

Remember – 14 lines in total, 3 stanzas of 4 lines (quatrains) with abab, cdcd, efef rhyme scheme, ending with a rhyming couplet


Today you are going to edit and check your writing…

Read it aloud – does it make sense? Does the rhythm sound correct?

Are your spellings correct? Use a dictionary

Is your vocabulary repetitive? Use a thesaurus and your vocabulary mat

Have you included an appropriate title?


Once you have done this – I would like you to make a key and identify the features you have used in your own writing… Here are a few of the features to start you off…


Rhyme (not essential)

Alliteration – first letter of each word is the same – silly, slithering snake

Personification – giving something human qualities

Onomatopoeia – CRASH BANG BOOM

Imagery – create an image in the listener/reader’s mind.


You could also add an image to your poem.


Today I would like you to complete the reading comprehension attached. Please remember to answer in full sentences and PEE all over your work!

P oint

E vidence

E xplain