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A Note to Parents:

On Friday 4th December, the children may choose to publish one or more of their diary entries. To make these look old and authentic, we have attached below some 'tea stained style' papers to print as well as instructions to make your own tea stained paper. If you choose to make you own tea stained paper with your child, we recommend making it at least a day in advance so that it has time to dry thoroughly before your child is ready to write on it. Please do e-mail or submit any published writing to Teams or

Thank you for your continued support - both Mrs Williams and Mrs Wright have been so impressed with, and grateful for, all of the fantastic learning you have been completing with your child. We have thoroughly enjoyed receiving it even whilst we have had to be apart.


This week we are moving onto diary entries.

We will start by identifying the features and then we will focus on ordering events in chronological order. On Wednesday we will start writing our own diary entries.