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You could act out the story using our Talk for Writing actions for an audience at home. We've added the words below under 'performing the story at home'. It's important that you know the story well as this will help you when we come to re-write it soon. Don't worry if you can't remember all of the actions we used in school. Make up your own to help you tell the story out loud. 

Day 3:

We are going to make a slight change to our historical narrative. Look at what Mrs Wright has found, do you know what they are? What are they writing about? Who might of wrote these?

How might we use these in our story?

Do you know what we are going to change in our narrative? Let's find out and see


Day 4:

Today you will need your story map you made yesterday to support your writing.

We will be focusing on writing our opening and build up paragraphs. We can't wait to read your stories when you have written them.

Use this vocabulary map to help with your writing, see if you can use some of these exciting words in your own story.