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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School


Sharing a Shell

Monday: The hermit crab loves his new shell. He is not very good at sharing. Do you have a very special toy or item that you really love? Can you draw a picture of it and write or label why it is special to you? Do you find it difficult to let other people play or use your favourite thing or toy? Why do you think that is?

Tuesday: Brush, the bristle worm is very good at cleaning and looking after the shell.
How do you help look after your home? What jobs can you help with today and this week? Can you take some photos or draw pictures or write about the jobs you help with?What is your favourite job to help with at home? Why?

Wednesday: Wednesday Word search time! Can you find the words in the word search. Start by looking for the initial sound and then if the next letter is nearby.

Thursday: The crab shares his home with his friends. Who do you share your home with? Can you draw a picture of your home and write about who lives with you? Do you have any pets?

Friday: Can you write about what happens in the story? You could draw pictures to help you remember. Who is in our story? Where does it happen? What happens at the beginning? What happens next? What happens in the end? How do the characters feel? You could draw your own story map and add actions to help you remember.

The resources below are to support your child's chosen daily writing tasks. Use your remote learning book or paper at home to complete tasks. If you are in need of another Remote Learning book, please get in touch.