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EYFS Remote Learning Gallery

Week 6

This week the Gingerbread escaped the sly fox! He has continued to run and run as fast as he can! Where will he go to next?

On Monday, we looked at what could chase the Gingerbread man next!

Tuesday, marked 'Safer Internet Day', we talked about how we should use the Internet with our adults and always ask permission. We talked about and looked at the things we use the Internet for at school and at home.

Well-being Wednesday involved crafting and creating for the Lunar New Year and enjoying the snow in as many ways as could think of.

R.E. Gathering - We have been looking at the Parish family, gathering for Mass. 

As part of our challenge for R.E. we designed and created posters to welcome people to St Mary's Church when they gather for Mass.

Week 5 - The Gingerbread Man

We have started a new book focus this week and we have started to learn the story using a story map and actions. The children have designed some fabulous Gingerbread Men/ people! It is National Story telling week and Children's Mental Health Week, so we started our week by creating our own stories using objects at home.

As part of our exploring our new R.E topic - Gathering, we talked about and drew pictures of the things that are better to do together. We talked about the things we are looking forward to doing together again.

Week 4 - Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Baby Bear was still upset that his chair was broken so as one of the challenges this week, EYFS were challenged to design a new chair for Baby Bear. We think they did a great job! We also used our story map to create our own stories using the template from 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. 

Week 3 - Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Who has been in our classroom? We have had a fantastic week, filled with great ideas and writing. Our maths work has been all about patterns and we have had some super investigators!

Week 2 - Lost and Found

We used 'Lost and Found' to think about which animal we would like to have turned up on our own doorsteps! We have some fantastic creativity in EYFS! We also had a go at making our own penguins with junk modelling. 

Week 1 - 'Lost and Found' Remote Learning and Classroom work

Look at the fantastic work we are creating in EYFS in school and at home! We have been inspired by 'Lost and Found', we looked at how we would like to travel to the South Pole and we also looked at what we should pack for our trip!

We have got some fabulous independent writing to recall the story!