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Phonics Resources & Activities

The following websites contain numerous games & activities designed to develop and refine your childs' phonics knowledge over the course of the academic year:

Phonics Bloom - Phase 2 Activities

Phonics Bloom - Phase 3 Activities

Phonics Bloom - Phase 5 Activities

Phonics Play - Real Word or Alien Word?

The following links contain a selection of words for each Phase range in the Phonics Screening test. These words involve children segmenting individual sounds and blending them together to read, using the sounds from each phase range:

Letters and Sounds - Phase 2 Words

Letters and Sounds - Phase 3 Words

Letters and Sounds - Phase 5 Words

If you have any questions about the use of any of the activities & resources linked above, please contact Mr Smith and he shall gladly support you in using these at home with your child.

Attached at the link below are a selection of previous Phonics Screening Check packs. These contained 20 real words and 20 alien words, designed to assess the identification of sounds & blending of these in order to read. Please feel free to use these at home to support your child in the development of their Phonics.

A set of Flashcards, that can be printed and used at home, have been included. These flashcards contain all sounds that your child must be able to recognise and use within words by the end of Year 1.