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Boston St Mary's RC Primary School

Boston's Catholic School

About Us

Welcome to our school

St Mary's is the only Catholic school in the market town of Boston in Lincolnshire. 

We are incredibly proud of the diverse nature of our school and believe in giving all children, of all races and nationalities, a foundation for their dreams and opportunities worthy of their promise. We give them a sense of limitless possibilities – that every day counts and every opportunity matters.  Christ is at the centre of life here at St Mary's and this is mirrored in our curriculum which is rich, varied and inspiring. We believe enjoyment is paramount to ensuring children truly achieve their potential. 

We believe that all members of our community are entitled to a positive, safe, caring and happy environment. Everyone is supported and encouraged to achieve the potential God intended them to fulfil. Each member of our community is respected, valued and motivated; their individual needs met and their successes celebrated.

Our school is full of hard working, respectful and helpful children and staff. Our latest Ofsted Inspection has confirmed we are a Good school across all areas.


Mr. Damian Davey


Our Mission Statement

We aim to provide excellent teaching and learning which will help each individual to grow in the love of God and develop their personality and talents whilst encouraging them to care and show respect for others and for the environment.

Our Gospel Values

To achieve our full Christian potential, we all need to live out the Gospel Values:

A Christ-like love respects the talents of each person in our school

Hope helps us to see a new life beyond our present one

We should show God's truth in all we do

We all know that if we love one another, peace will be all around us

We believe that mercy will be shown by the way we forgive others