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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School

5 - Pentecost 1 - Why do ladybirds have spots?

Incy wincy spider climbed up the waterspout! Why do ladybirds have spots? Why do spiders spin webs? It’s time to find out more about minibeasts and their habitats.

This term we will be going on minibeast hunts. Magnifying glasses clutched firmly in hands, we’ll look under logs, leaves and stones for creatures that wriggle, crawl or fly. We’ll find out about minibeast habitats, features and colours, and compare them. 

We will observe how minibeasts move, can we move like that too? We’ll also move like ants, working together to collect and carry objects to move and rebuild a structure, piece by piece. To get to know these creepy crawlies better, we’ll make and monitor a mini wormery, minibeast hotel and a butterfly garden. Can we predict what will be these minibeasts’ favourite foods? In our literacy sessions, we’ll use sequential vocabulary to retell stories, and write a story from the perspective of a spider. In our mathematics sessions, we’ll predict and count ladybird spots, look at the patterns on minibeasts and use positional language to talk about habitats. Getting creative, we’ll make leaf confetti, minibeast junk models, and learn to waggle dance like a bee.

Please find our curriculum and vocabulary maps below,