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Boston St Mary's RC Primary Academy

Boston's Catholic School

2. Advent 2-Tremors

Tremors. Overwhelming and mighty, Mother nature's awesome energies hiss and roar deep within the Earth. Plates collide, spewing lava. Rocks rain down and mud slides in torrents. Towns and cities vanish under ashen clouds.

This half term we will discover the dangerous and ferocious world of natural disasters, and glimpse their savage and deadly effects. We'll learn about the properties of rocks, identify volcanoes around the world whilst researching the 'ring of fire', find out how and why volcanoes occur and even create our own blistering explosions from model volcanoes that fire foamy lava. Don't forget we will visit the ancient city of historic Pompeii, frozen in time, to see what life was like many years ago and how the disaster affected Pompeii.